Beautiful places on the island of Crete in Greece

Crete is the largest island in Greece. Anyone who has ever been to the islands of Santorini or Mykonos, known for their white buildings with blue roofs, will get a whole new experience in Crete. Crete is full of colorful houses and countless mountains. You’ll find beautiful flowers all over the island, especially oleander in pink. We visited mainly the west, north-west and south Crete, because there are countless beautiful beaches and different places that we wanted to explore with our rental car. The sea is bright blue on some beaches, on others in different turquoise shades.

Kournas Lake, Georgioupoli

The day after we arrived we visited a nice spot by a lake. On the way you could get hold of Greek antiques. Arriving at the lake, we were overwhelmed by the clear water and the atmosphere. The existing colorful boats, which lay on the shore of the lake, provided a great photo backdrop.


We stayed in a hotel in Georgioupoli, right on the beach. There I treated myself to a massage at sea noise, in a cabin near the beach. After the massage I went to the beach to enjoy the sunset all to myself.


The next day we drove to Chania. The old town is next to Heraklion the second largest city and is located directly on the harbor. I loved it here. The fishing port with its lighthouse and ruins is worth a visit. The city is surrounded by beautiful colorful houses that reminded me of New Orleans and the food was superb. So good that we had to go back for the food 😉. We ate at Laganon spaghetti and for dessert I ordered at Yogurtlandia Pancakes. Anyone who follows my blog a bit longer knows how much I love pancakes! The ingredients were freely selectable, so I ordered pancakes with nutella, sliced bananas and coconut sprinkles. I was in seventh heaven! It tasted great and the staff was very friendly and welcoming, I highly recommend it!

Seitan Limania Beach, also called Stefanou Beach

This secluded beach is located in a bay surrounded by rocks. The ride there is a little adventurous for those with a fear of heights, because the winding roads are high on a mountain, also no safety railings are mounted. Once you arrive, you will not regret it. The view is breathtaking and the bay is known for its rich turquoise waters. Even the descent to the bay is a small challenge. Good footwear is required, because to get to the remote beach, you have to climb down the mountain. Once down there is no way to buy something to drink, so you should take plenty of waterbottles with you.

Falassarna Beach

The Falassarna Beach is a beautiful sandy beach and ideal for a long beach day. In the Hotel Panorama Restaurant, which is located near the beach, you can dine very well.


On the way from Falassarna Beach to Georgioupoli we passed several restaurants. I especially liked the restaurant owners, who were standing outside the restaurant, grinning and waving at us. This kindness overwhelmed us so much that we decided to stop at one of these restaurants for lunch. On the way home, as in many films, sheep blocked our way and we had to stop until they crossed the street.

Elafonisi Beach

The Elafonisi Beach is a beautiful sandy beach with turquoise blue sea, reminiscent of the Caribbean. The sandy beach is in some places a bit pink. However, when the wind comes from the west, it can get very stormy. Therefore, I recommend to visit the beach only on windless days to enjoy the stay in peace.

Have you ever been to Crete? What did you liked the most? Which beaches did you visit? Let me know and write it down in the comments. I’m looking forward to being inspired by you.

XOXO Betty

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