Beautiful beaches in California

If you are planning a road trip in California, you should also explore at least one of the countless and beautiful beaches on the West Coast.

Enclosed is an overview of beautiful beaches that I visited on my California road trip.

1) Carmel by the Sea

The beautiful, white sandy beach called “Carmel beach”, has enchanted me from the beginning. As I walked past the cute little houses with flower-filled gardens, I was beaming over my ears. The white sandy beach makes you feel like you are vacationing in the Caribbean. Unfortunately, the sea was too cold to go swimming as Carmel by the Sea is a bit more northerly and the water is always cooler than, for example, in southern San Diego. This shouldn’t stop you from exploring this stunning beach.

2) Pismo Beach

As my boyfriend and I drove past the beautiful Pismo Beach, we just had to leave Highway 1 and admire this fairytale scenery closer. This place is just indescribably beautiful.

3) Long Beach

Long Beach is just breathtaking. This sand beach shines in a white tone and if you look closer, you can see golden glitter particles in the sand. With its pastel-colored lifeguard towers and countless palm trees, the beach looks typically Californian.

4) Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach is a chic area with beautiful houses. The beach looks almost picturesque. Manhattan Beach is a smoke-free city, this means that smoking is allowed there only in certain hotels and private homes. In California, there are individual rules on which places smoking is allowed, so you should always inquire in advance.

5) Santa Monica State Beach

Santa Monica is home to the famous Santa Monica Pier. At the pier there is an amusement park, which includes a Ferris wheel, which offers a wide view of the Pacific Ocean. The Santa Monica Pier is a very touristy place, especially on the weekends you have to prepare for a large crowd.

6) Venice Beach

If you enjoy outdoor sports, then Venice Beach is the place for you to go. Starting with skater parks and basketball courts to the famous “Muscle Beach” – “an outdoor training ground”, just about everything is there what the athlete’s heart desires. On the beach promenade, also called Board Walk, there are souvenir stands and numerous artists. Music is played throughout the day.

7) East Beach

Santa Barbara has countless beautiful beaches and palm trees. I visited East Beach and Arroyo Burro Beach. The sea is a bit cooler in Santa Barbara, but the sun should not be underestimated.

8) Arroyo Burro Beach

Arroyo Burro Beach is also called Hendry’s Beach and is also located in Santa Barbara. Here you can take your dog to the beach and have excellent dinner. For more information on Santa Barbara, see Santa Barbara – The Californian Dream.

9) Zuma Beach

Zuma Beach is a beautiful beach in sunny Malibu. Safety is very important here – lifeguards are always on site and a helicopter flew regularly over the sea to make sure that everyone is safe, if the waves are very high.

Of course, there are other beautiful beaches that we haven’t all housed on our road trip. My wish is to visit more beaches like Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, and also the beautiful San Diego on the next California road trip.

Which beaches do you like in California? Many comments and inspirations would make me happy to add your recommended beaches to my “bucket list”!

XOXO Betty

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