How to make your everyday life more productive and happier

Here you will find tips, that will help you to master your projects in everyday life happily and successfully.

1) Get up earlier

I have already given you this tip in my blog post 10 new year’s resolutions for a healthy and successful 2018, but I would like to do this again. You don’t believe how much benefit it makes when you get out of bed early in the morning. Since getting up earlier, I can do much more during the day and spend the rest of the day with my hobbies. Since then I am better organized and push less before me.
Especially in the early morning hours you can accomplish a lot, because at this time you won’t be disturbed by phone calls or visitors. So I also have more time for myself and can use the time I gained in the morning for an abundant and peaceful breakfast while reading.

2) Refuel Vitamin D

Occupationally and privately, I work a lot in sitting position and in front of the computer, so I spent most of my time at home. But the advantage as a blogger is that you can work from anywhere and you should use this advantage as well. After some time, I noticed that it doesn’t do me any good mentally to stay inside, which is why I started going for a walk regularly and spending so much of my time in nature. After a short time, I noticed the positive effects on my mental health. There is so much to discover – be a tourist in your own country and explore new places!

3) Plan your week in advance

A good organization is very important to be able to meet all deadlines and not lose track. But be realistic in the planning! For example, create a checklist and check what you have achieved on this day. It is a great feeling to see the results and to look back on a successful day.

4) Start your morning with a variety of sports such as running or yoga

If your daily routine allows it, you could use the extra time in the morning to do some sports. I love it in the morning, when it is still quiet and peaceful outside to go for a run or to practice yoga. So I start my day successfully, feel energized during the day and can concentrate better.

5) Drink at least 2 liters daily

Drinking a lot is important in order not to dehydrate, to improve your ability to concentrate and, for example, to prevent headaches. In order not to forget about drinking at school or while working, you could take a water bottle with you and always put it in reach. For example, I love taking my drinking cup from the USA with me, so I am always reminded of my wonderful vacation.

6) Be inspired by books or Youtube

On some days, it is difficult for me to motivate myself, too. But what motivates me every time are inspiring books and youtube videos. I love being inspired by successful businesswomen and getting infected with their energy. I constantly order new books that broaden my horizons. My current book is „The Working Woman’s Handbook“ (Affiliate Link) by Phoebe Lovatt. I already browsed in it and couldn’t put it on the side then. To achieve my goal of reading at least one book a month, I try to read at least one chapter each night before going to bed.

7) Meet people

Social contacts are very important and increase our well-being. Prolonged isolation has a negative effect on mental health. For this reason, I try to move my workplace to public places as often as possible and work on my blog in various coffee houses or sometimes at my family’s and friends’ place. I only work on my blog at my family’s and friends’ place when they also have something to do, so that nobody feels neglected. In our breaks we take time for each other, talk and let the day end together nicely.
In the summer I love to take my laptop in the park, lie down on a picnic blanket and write new blog posts. And what could be better than taking a friend to the park with you, talking and enjoying the sun?

How do you increase your productivity? What rituals have you integrated into your everyday life to spend the day in a more relaxed and happy mood? Let me know and write it down in the comments. I am looking forward to reading from your ideas!

XOXO Betty

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