What effects does meditation have on our health?

Everything has to go fast these days and the digital world doesn’t always make it easy to switch off. To get away from it all and be free of thoughts that blow around your head, it is good to leave your cell phone aside for a while and focus on yourself.

A good way to do that is meditation. Meditation has been proven to elevate mood, reduce stress and improve concentration. As a result, the mental as well as the physical health can be improved. Meditation is often performed in different religions as a spiritual ritual. But even if you are not a member of any religion or spiritual, you can take a lot of positive things with you through meditation.

What happens during meditation in our body?

Several studies have shown that regular meditation positively alters structures in the brain. Consequently, regular meditation should relieve anxiety and pain and increase social skills such as compassion.
Meditation even helps to build up the muscles, in the regeneration and in the self-healing. Even hypertension, sleep disorders and depression can be alleviated. Many also believe in a slower aging of the brain. Consequently, meditation is also considered as a helpful prevention against Alzheimer’s or dementia.

How do I start with a meditation?

If you’ve never meditated before and you’re not sure how to get started, here are a few simple steps to get acquainted with meditation.

Sit comfortably on a mat. If you want, you can sit cross-legged or lie down. Close your eyes. Concentrate on your breath. When other thoughts enter your head, try to push them aside and focus on your breath again. At first it is very difficult and one is still very often distracted by thoughts. This is completely normal. The more often you practice it, the easier it will be for you to focus fully on the breath and become free of thought. If it succeeds, negative feelings will gradually be reduced and stress reduced. Already 10 minutes daily can increase your well-being.

Do you meditate regularly? What exercises do you do to get into meditation? Let me know and write it down in the comments! I’m curious what you have to tell!

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