How you feel inspired and motivated

Here are some tips to help you get motivated when you feel shiftless and stuck.

1) Workout motivation

You finally want the dream body that you always gushed about, but you can’t get your butt up? Here are some tips to help you overcome your inner temptation:

  • Think about why you want to train and formulate clear goals. Detailed information can be found under 10 new year’s resolutions for a healthy and successful 2018
  • Set yourself fixed days and times at which you want to train. Take these appointments as seriously as business appointments.
  • Find a training partner to meet regularly for sports. This will make you less likely to cancel or postpone appointments.
  • Buy new sportswear in cute colors. That lifts the mood and you are looking forward to the next training.
  • Listen to activating music before you start training.
  • When you’re working out, you’re pouring out happiness hormones. Use this exhilaration – for example meet a good friend after a workout and put her in a good mood, too.

2) Sleep well

Sufficient sleep is important for our body to regenerate. Fatigue causes bad concentration. In order to feel fit and energetic in the morning, you should sleep at least 7 hours daily. To fall asleep faster, it helps to completely darken the room and lower the room temperature at night using the room thermostat. A room temperature of 17 degrees is considered ideal.

3) Do something to get out of your comfort zone

Trying out something new can be both exciting and daunting. Even if you are afraid of it at the beginning, you shouldn’t avoid it. It creates the most wonderful memories when you free yourself from your comfort zone.

I could experience it during my acting lessons. At first I was very nervous, because the class wasn’t in my mother tongue, but in English. However, when I attended acting class, I always felt energetic and got to know many inspiring and talented people. I don’t want to miss these experiences.

Did you ever wanted to do an exciting sport like Parkour? Or try aerial yoga? Do it and let yourself be inspired!

4) Turn off your phone

If the smartphone rings non-stop and we constantly check our notifications, we are constantly distracted. Set an alarm clock and switch your phone to silent for 1 hour daily. Put it out of reach and use that time for something productive like learning or reading a book. You could also take some time for yourself.

5) Change your habits

Sometimes it’s helpful to change your habits, so you don’t suffocate in everyday life. For example, get up at a different time in the morning, visit a new restaurant, or try new exercise programs.

6) Clear out

Make room for new things and donate clothes that you no longer wear. So you can do something good for others and feel liberated. Furthermore, you can also check out your beauty products. Most products are lasting for about 1 year after opening.

7) Listen to Audiobooks

Is your everyday life also very stressful? You don’t have enough time to read? Then listen to Audiobooks while driving. Find a person who motivates you and download an Audiobook to your smartphone. Another option would be to create a list of inspiring videos on Youtube, which you can play in the car via Bluetooth.

8) Learn something new

Attend new courses that inspire you. For example, go climbing, learn to play a new instrument, or visit interesting seminars that broaden your horizons. Make a list of courses that you would like to practice and pick one out every month. For example, in January, you could go to yoga with a friend and attend a photography workshop in February.

9) Meditate

Meditation brings many benefits with it. The mood is demonstrably lifted and the concentration improved. Those who meditate regularly minimize stress as well as negative emotions and strengthen their mental health.

10) Change your environment

Decorate or change the arrangement of your furniture, if you feel like it. A new environment can be invigorating and motivating. Sometimes, little things are enough, such as hanging new pictures or repainting a wall, in order to break through everyday life and to feel inspired again.

11) Take more time in the morning

Start your morning consciously and peacefully. For example, read a magazine, have breakfast or work out. This will help you to energize and make it easier for you to start positive in the day.

12) Do not compare yourself with others

The most important thing is to grow and to be a better person today than you were yesterday. Try not to compete with others and don’t let others get you down. See other people as an inspiration to achieve more. Respect yourself and try to be the best version of yourself. That way you stay focused and happy.

How do you motivate yourself? Which situations inspire you? Let me know and write it down in the comments! I am happy to read your ideas.

XOXO Betty

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