Back Workout – for Beginners

Strong back muscles and well-trained abdominal muscles supporting the back can counteract back pain. I’ll show you helpful stretching exercises and exercises to strengthen the middle of the body, so that back pain isn’t longer a daily companion.


Arm circles

This exercise improves the mobility of the shoulders.

Repetitions: 20 turns per side

Start with circular motions to warm you up.

Neck rotation

This exercise increases the flexibility of the neck.

Repetitions: 10

Stand shoulder-width and straight and start rolling your neck gently in a semicircle.

Perform the following exercises as indicated. One lap takes about 10 minutes. After all the exercises have been completed, you should take a one-minute break. Overall, the circle should be performed twice.

The stretching exercises should be completed at the end of the circle, after the 2nd round has been completed.

One-armed dumbbell rowing

This exercise trains the trapezius muscles, latissimus and posterior deltoids.

Repetitions: 30 (15 per side)

Lay your left knee and left palm on a straight, raised surface (for example, on a sturdy bench). Keep your lower back in a natural camber, the torso remains straight. Hold a dumbbell in your right hand. If you don’t have a dumbbell, you can also use a full 1 liter water bottle.

Now lift your right arm upwards, with the elbow bent upwards and looking outward. Perform the exercise slowly and lower the arm back down. The exercise should be done 15 times per side.

Side support

This exercise trains the lateral abdominal muscles.

Hold for 1 minute (initially you can start with 30 seconds and increase the time from workout to workout)

Lie with your legs straight, your feet together, on the side of the mat. Lean on your right forearm. Put your left hand on your hip to help you balance.

Now lift the pelvis from the ground. The elbow is just under your shoulder. Tighten your abdominal muscles. If your body forms a straight line, you remain in that position for 30-60 seconds. Then you lower your body down again.

Change the side and do this exercise again.

Deadlift with kettlebell

This exercise trains the back muscles, buttock muscles, trapezius muscles, thigh muscles and abdominal muscles

Repetitions: 30

A kettlebell doesn’t cost much and it’s a great piece of sporting equipment to train the lower back. Attached is an *affiliate link where you can get a kettlebell. I ordered my kettlebell on Amazon.

Stand a little wider than hip-width and grab the kettlebell with both hands. Bend your hips and knees and lower your torso, your back just stays in line. Tighten your abdominal muscles and butt and slowly straighten yourself up again. Keep your arms tensed and stretched. Short break and then slowly return to the starting position. Repeat this exercise.

Back extensor in prone position

This exercise trains the upper back muscles, neck muscles and shoulder muscles.

Repetitions: 15

Lie down on your stomach. Put your legs hip-wide, raise your arms to the front and form them into a Y. Your palms face each other. Lift the head slightly off the ground so that the spine is extended. Now tighten your abdominal muscles, stretch your arms up, as far as you can without any problems. Then slowly lower your arms to the floor again.

Rowing with resistance bands

This exercise trains the back muscles and the two-headed arm flexor (biceps brachii muscle).

Repetitions: 40 (20 per side)

Attach the resistance band at the level of your arms (for example at the door buckle). Stand hip-width and straight and tense your abdominal muscles. Note that you move so far away from the band, so that a resistance arises while pulling. Now you pull with your left hand at the end of the latex band, until your hand has reached the height of your trunk. The back stays straight and doesn’t move. Slowly move your arm forward again. Do this exercise 15 times per side, then change your arm.

Plank position

This exercise trains the straight abdominals and back muscles.

Hold for 1 minute (initially you can start with 30 seconds and increase the time from workout to workout)

Lie down on the mat and take the push-up position. Bend your elbows and shift your weight to your forearms.

Make sure your body is straight and doesn’t sag your hips and buttocks. Tense the abdominal muscles, hold this position for 30-60 seconds.

Stretching, after the 2nd round has been complited


This stretching exercise strengthens the back, shoulder and neck muscles.

Lie down on your stomach and palms sideways. Take a deep breath and lift your head and torso off the ground. Support yourself with your hands. Press your shoulders down and keep your elbows close to your body. Bend your upper body slowly backwards. As you exhale, you slowly lower yourself again and return to the starting position.

Cat and cow exercise

This exercise trains the back muscles and mobilizes the spine.

Repetitions: 10

Prop on your knees and hands, with your hands shoulder width apart. Tighten the abdominal muscles and lift the upper back slowly upwards. The back forms a rounding. When you reach the highest point, slowly lower your back. You raise your head back up, stretch your neck and the back forms a light hollow back. Then repeat this exercise until you have completed 10 repetitions.

Balasana (child‘s pose)

This stretching exercise stretches the back.

Kneel hip-width on the floor and sit on your heels. Put your upper body on the mat, your arms stretch over your body. The palms face down. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Hold this position for about three breaths.

This is just my workout routine. I’m not a professional, I’m not responsible for any damage. If it helps you stay motivated, I’m very happy.

How do you like my back workout? Which exercises do you do, to train your back muscles? Let me know and write it down in the comments. I’m looking forward to reading your ideas.

XOXO Betty

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