8 outfit ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up and you need inspiration to find the right outfit? I’ll show you 8 inexpensive dresses to wear for the romantic date on Valentine’s Day.
The dress I wear is cute and romantic for Valentine’s Day. It is a strapless dress in the color “coral” with a flared skirt.

Dress by H&M. Here is a similar dress: Missguided and Forever 21

This dress is also very playful. The part of the décolleté was sewn with lace and little flowers and the dress has a flared skirt.

Dress by Tally Weijl. Here is a similar dress: Only

If you prefer gaudy colors, I recommend this blue dress. The dress has a cut-out at the shoulders and has a figure-hugging cut. The blue color brings out blue eyes especially well.

Dress by H&M. Here is a similar dress:
Blue dress without Cut-out: Forever 21
Black dress with Cut-out: Forever 21

This tight-fitting dress ensures a sexy appearance. It shows some décolleté and shines in the color ivory white.

Dress by H&M. Here is a similar dress: Forever 21 and Forever 21

Since it is usually a bit cooler even in restaurants, I opted for a light jacket in white.

Jacket by New Yorker. Here is a similar jacket: Forever 21

The “little black dress” suits every occasion. This sweet cocktail dress has lace sewn to the straps and a narrow lace-strip around the waist.

Dress by H&M. Here is a similar dress: Zalando

The color of love is red and that’s why I chose a corresponding dress in this color. It is tight and the fabric is flowing and pleasantly soft and silky.

Dress by Only. Here is a similar dress: Bikbok

This cute, playful dress is in pink and black and the skirt is covered in lace.

Dress by Colloseum. Here is a similar dress: H&M

Lace adorns this pure white elegant dress. It is short and form-fitting and cut out at the back.

Dress by H&M. Here is a similar dress: H&M and Only

Did you like my dresses? What will you wear on Valentine’s Day? Let me know and write it down in the comments. I am looking forward to reading from your ideas!

XOXO Betty

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