Business Outfit Ideas

I am happy to show you my outfit ideas for a chic and trendy business look.

I love blazers in all different colors. Here I have selected blazers in two different colors, which you can also wear relaxed to jeans.

Blazers by H&M

This outfit is very classic in black and white. With this look you are always dressed properly, whether in the office or on business trips.

Blazer by H&M
Blouse by Orsay
Pants by Orsay

If you like it a bit more freaky and upbeat, you can also combine your blazer with ripped jeans.

Blazer by H&M
Blouse by H&M
Jeans by Bershka

For a romantic look, I like to style my white pants with a playful blouse with ruffles.

Blouse by Tally Weijl
White pants by Tally Weijl

In sunny days, you can also wear a dress.

Here I have chosen a lace dress in the color navy. Of course, the blazer couldn’t be missing here to make the outfit more suitable for the office.

Dress by H&M
Blazer by H&M

This red dress by H & M is knee-length and very elegant.

Dress by H&M

Another variation would be this lace dress from Orsay, also in red. This dress makes for a striking and playful appearance.

Dress by Orsay

For those who like to wear skirts, I have put together a few outfit ideas.

This skirt is sexy, but also chic for the office. The skirt is knee-length and provides with its transparent stripes for an eye-catcher.

Here I opted for a rocky style with a white shirt and a silver chain.

Skirt by H&M
T-Shirt by H&M

You can also design this skirt in a romantic style with a playful blouse.

Skirt by H&M
Blouse by H&M

This outfit is very elegant and classic. The skirt and blazer are in navy color. In addition, I decided on a shirt in the color turquoise to spice it up a bit color.

Skirt by H&M
Blazer by H&M
Top by Orsay

Which look do you like to wear in the office? Do you like to style yourself a little more elegant or do you wear casual clothes at work? Let me know and write it down in the comments! I’m looking forward to reading from your styling ideas!

XOXO Betty

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