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15 Minute Workout for your Abs

Do you want a six-pack or do you want to train your abs to support your back to prevent back pain? No matter what your goals are, you can reach both with my workout. Today, […]

My Summer Fitness Routine

I love doing sports, but to keep things from becoming too monotonous, I occasionally change my routine. In summer I also like to workout outdoors. This variety helps me to stay on the ball. My […]

15 Minute Workout for your Legs & Butt – for Beginners

Start with 10 burpees to warm you up. Stand hip-wide on a mat and tense your abdominal muscles. Jump into a squat, then immediately jump back into the push-up position. Lay your body briefly on […]

Back Workout – for Beginners

Strong back muscles and well-trained abdominal muscles supporting the back can counteract back pain. I’ll show you helpful stretching exercises and exercises to strengthen the middle of the body, so that back pain isn’t longer […]

15 Minute Body Workout for Beginners

You’re at work or school 40 hours a week and just want to go to bed after a hard day’s work? But only 15 minutes a day are enough to keep you fit and to […]