Permanent hair removal by laser treatment

What motivations did I have for this treatment?

A very good friend has had her hair permanently removed in 2016 at the Laser Competence Center. Since she told me enthusiastically about her result, I became aware of this treatment.

After having researched informations about the treatment in detail on the Internet and consulted the Laser Competence Center, I opted for permanent hair removal. The reason for this step for me was the time savings and flexibility, as well as permanently silky and smooth skin. Now I can swim spontaneously, without having to plan a shave first. The time in the bathroom has thus generally shortened. And my armpits look like photoshopped, because you no longer see stubble 😉 Also red spots that you get after shaving or burning after shaving, if you use a deodorant, will no longer be an issue.

What can I imagine by permanent hair removal using laser treatment?

The treatment I chose was done using alexandrite laser. This laser treatment is gentle and very effective. The alexandrite laser destroys the individual hair roots with bundled light energy, so that the hair dies one after the other and can not regrow. How many hair roots per session die, depends on the growth phase of the hair. The root can only be destroyed in hair growth. As only 15-20% of the hair is growing, several sessions are necessary to destruct all the roots.

The individual sessions are performed at a distance of 4-6 weeks depending on the body part. After about 8 treatments, I was completely hair-free. However, such a result can not be guaranteed! It may happen that the treatment does not respond well to some people. Therefore, I ask you to clarify all details with professionally trained physicians before the first treatment.

For technical questions about the treatment device I can recommend you the website of Beaumed. On this homepage different laser devices are presented and their effect explained in detail. In order to get an objective picture of the devices, you should however first research on several pages in advance, so you can choose a laser institut and device which is sympathetic for you.

Is the treatment painful?

The treatment is not completely painless. Of course, every person feels the intensity differently, because some people are more resistant to pain than others and the pain sensitivity is also dependent on the day. Personally, I did not find it very painful. Only in very sensitive areas, such as the armpits or the genital area, the treatment may be unpleasant. Since the session does not last long, it is definitely bearable.

How much does the laser treatment cost?

The price varies depending on the institute. Here, the costs can vary greatly, so you should research in advance thoroughly. In addition, the price depends on which and how many body regions are to be lasered and how many sessions are needed to be completely hair-free. A very efficient but inexpensive institute is Beaumed in Vienna’s 3rd district. Here you can find the link to the price list: Beaumed price list. Attention: The price is per treatment! To be completely hair-free, several sessions are necessary (about 6-10 sessions). To stay permanently hair-free, a one-time, annual follow-up treatment is recommended. If after a year everything is still free of hair, of course no after-treatment is necessary.

I am not a professional in any sage and also not trained medically for the laser treatment. This post is just my personal experience and research.

If you have any questions about the laser treatment, then just write it down in the comments and I’ll answer you with pleasure! You are welcome to share your reports with us! I’m really looking forward to your questions and reports!

XOXO Betty

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