Month: January 2018

Beautiful beaches in California

If you are planning a road trip in California, you should also explore at least one of the countless and beautiful beaches on the West Coast. Enclosed is an overview of beautiful beaches that I […]

Back Workout – for Beginners

Strong back muscles and well-trained abdominal muscles supporting the back can counteract back pain. I’ll show you helpful stretching exercises and exercises to strengthen the middle of the body, so that back pain isn’t longer […]

How you feel inspired and motivated

Here are some tips to help you get motivated when you feel shiftless and stuck. 1) Workout motivation You finally want the dream body that you always gushed about, but you can’t get your butt […]

10 new year’s resolutions for a healthy and successful 2018

In January is the motivation very high, to realize new year’s resolution. In order to be successfully implemented in the long term, you should not start with several at the same time. Choose 1-2 intentions, […]