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Perfect outfit for your Christmas Party

Since I was invited to several Christmas parties this year, I have selected some suitable dresses for festive evenings, which I have linked for you below. This time I chose a higher-priced dress by Guess […]

Permanent hair removal by laser treatment

What motivations did I have for this treatment? A very good friend has had her hair permanently removed in 2016 at the Laser Competence Center. Since she told me enthusiastically about her result, I became […]

15 Minute Workout for your Abs

Do you want a six-pack or do you want to train your abs to support your back to prevent back pain? No matter what your goals are, you can reach both with my workout. Today, […]

My H & M favorites from August

This summer is coming to an end, so I want to show you my fashion highlights from summer 2018. In addition, I have already selected some clothes for fall 2018. Those who follow me for […]

My Summer Fitness Routine

I love doing sports, but to keep things from becoming too monotonous, I occasionally change my routine. In summer I also like to workout outdoors. This variety helps me to stay on the ball. My […]

How to make your everyday life more productive and happier

Here you will find tips, that will help you to master your projects in everyday life happily and successfully. 1) Get up earlier I have already given you this tip in my blog post 10 […]

Beautiful places on the island of Crete in Greece

Crete is the largest island in Greece. Anyone who has ever been to the islands of Santorini or Mykonos, known for their white buildings with blue roofs, will get a whole new experience in Crete. […]

Business Outfit Ideas

I am happy to show you my outfit ideas for a chic and trendy business look. I love blazers in all different colors. Here I have selected blazers in two different colors, which you can […]

What effects does meditation have on our health?

Everything has to go fast these days and the digital world doesn’t always make it easy to switch off. To get away from it all and be free of thoughts that blow around your head, […]

Los Angeles – City of Angels

Has it always been your dream to see Los Angeles? I spent 5 days in the “City of Angels” and like to share my experiences and tips with you. Hotel We spent the whole 4 […]

15 Minute Workout for your Legs & Butt – for Beginners

Start with 10 burpees to warm you up. Stand hip-wide on a mat and tense your abdominal muscles. Jump into a squat, then immediately jump back into the push-up position. Lay your body briefly on […]

My H & M favorites from February

I am happy to show you what has landed in my cart this week.

Vegas, Baby!

If you plan a California road trip, you should also visit Las Vegas. We spent 3 days in the “city that never sleeps”, where I would like to have spent a 4th day there.

8 outfit ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up and you need inspiration to find the right outfit? I’ll show you 8 inexpensive dresses to wear for the romantic date on Valentine’s Day.

Beautiful beaches in California

If you are planning a road trip in California, you should also explore at least one of the countless and beautiful beaches on the West Coast. Enclosed is an overview of beautiful beaches that I […]

Back Workout – for Beginners

Strong back muscles and well-trained abdominal muscles supporting the back can counteract back pain. I’ll show you helpful stretching exercises and exercises to strengthen the middle of the body, so that back pain isn’t longer […]

How you feel inspired and motivated

Here are some tips to help you get motivated when you feel shiftless and stuck. 1) Workout motivation You finally want the dream body that you always gushed about, but you can’t get your butt […]

10 new year’s resolutions for a healthy and successful 2018

In January is the motivation very high, to realize new year’s resolution. In order to be successfully implemented in the long term, you should not start with several at the same time. Choose 1-2 intentions, […]

10 sights in San Francisco

San Francisco isn’t an ordinary city. Roads have high slopes and houses radiate in cute pastel tones.   Have you always wanted to see San Francisco? But you don’t know which sights to choose? Here […]

5 perfect outfits for Christmas Eve

Although the weather is cold at Christmas, your outfit can still be hot. I’ll show you 5 ways to be the star on Christmas Eve …